Ross Lynch


All about Ross Lynch


 Ross Shor Lynch was born on 29th Decemeber 1995. He was born in , U.S. His favorite genres are Rock, Pop rock, R&B and Dance. His occupations Actor,Singer,Instrumentalist and Dancer. Ross plays these intruments Guitar, Drum, Piano and Bass. He is in R5 and is known for his acting in Austin and Ally. He plays Austin a singer and dancer who is friends with Ally(Laura Marano), Dev (Calum Worthy) , then sooner in episode 1 Trish () becomes Austin's friend and also becomes Austin's music manager. Ally Dawson who is also main in Austin and Ally is the shy girl who can't perform in a crowd or on camera.Ally is an amazing so writer who writes songs for Austin Moon.

                                                                                                  Childhood and youth

Ross Lynch was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, the second youngest of five siblings (Riker Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch and youngest Ryland Lynch) He was educated at home from the fourth grade. He learned to play guitar and to sing. He is also the cousin of Derek and Julianne Hough.                                                                         Acting career

Lynch was cast in early 2011 to appear in the pilot for the entitled , playing the lead male role of Austin Moon, a teenage singer who becomes an overnight sensation after a music video featuring a performance by him is uploaded to the internet. The pilot was later picked up for a full season's production; the show debuted in December 2011, and was renewed for a second season in March 2012.

In early 2012, Lynch began work on the upcoming , Teen Beach Musical. He is performing the role of Brady, the male lead in the film, which is directed by and set for release in 2013.



Ross lynch is the best ever guy. He is so cute and he is so hot. He is Smexy. I accutally never knew about Austin and Ally but thank you Marta Craveiro My Best ever friend for teaching me Austin and Ally. This guy in the picture isn't only cute he is my inspiration. He is my role model. He has inspired me to do what he odes act so thats why now if you see me i'll be such a wonderful actress i can act like anything. Please follow me on twitter: @AidanDavisRock and @KowsarHassan.